Gasquet Complex Fire

Del Norte County Last Update: Thursday, October 1, 2015 8:06 a.m. PDT

Acres burned
Aug 3
Started (2015)
Fine particles (PM2.5)
Gasquet Complex Fire
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Gasquet Area
Structures Threatened
Structures Destroyed

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August 28, 2015 6:43 p.m. PDT

Trend towards cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity. Inversion will moderate fire activity until lifting and ventilation occurs. When inversion lifts, active fire behavior will increase, leading to fire growth.

August 11, 2015 10:31 p.m. PDT

The southwest corner of the Coon Fire continues to back downhill to the South Fork of the Smith River in the Paradise Flat area. The current management strategy is to allow the fire to work down to the South Fork, which is being utilized as a natural containment line. A structure protection group continues to implement preparations in the community of Rock Creek, Paradise Flat and Tollefson Ranch. We are working closely with local and state agencies to make sure all residents have been advised of the existing structure protection plan. The Coon Fire has not crossed Deer Creek. Hand Crews and dozers have completed a secondary containment line on the ridge top south of Deer Creek. Public Information Officers will be located at Sand Camp on South Fork Road again tomorrow. On the Bear Fire, firefighters utilized existing roads, dozers and firing operations to minimize spread. Both fires will be staffed with a night shift. Bear Fire – 2,663 acres Coon Fire – 4,246 acres Peak Fire – 3,861 acres Feeder Fire – 714 acres Today the marine layer brought cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity. High temperatures were in the 70’s to lower 80’s and low relative humidity was 15-35%. Ridge top winds shifted northwest this afternoon, but remained less than 10mph. Tonight the inversion will strengthen with slightly cooler temperatures in the upper 50’s to lower 60’s, and the humidity should recover to 50-75%.

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Six Rivers National Forest
Damage Assessment
Road Closures
South Fork Road to Howland Hill Road opened at 11 a.m. per, Del Norte County.
Current Situation
Warming and drying established, fire activity increasing, involving more fuel categories. Spread rates are reduced, limited to creeping and backing.
School Closures
Cooperating Agencies
Central Coast Team 7
Humidities over the ridges lowered into the 30-40% range around sunrise this morning, while elevations below 3500 feet recovered into the 60-80% range.Northeast winds of 10-15 mph developed on the ridgetops with light downslope winds elsewhere. Along the Smith River, east winds gusted in the 15-25 mph range early this morning. Temperatures fell into the 50s across all elevations. Warmer and drier conditions are expected over the fire area today highs in the 70s on the ridges and in the 90s at lower elevations. Afternoon relative humidities will lower into the 18-28% range. Gusty winds will exist from the northeast on the ridges during the morning hours before weakening a bit and becoming northwest in the afternoon. The lower elevations of the fire will primarily see upslope/upvalley winds. A morning inversion will trap smoke in some of the lower valleys before lifting shortly after midday.
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(707) 925-3172

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